Unique “Unique Selling Point”

On my twitter feed from @ppgmkt I received a series of really cool ads today that really redefine the concept of a USP (unique selling point).

In the attached series, for Maktub Beverages Delivery (in Brazil), the advertisers (141/Soho Square) played on the concept of bottles in transit.
Maktub Castaway
Maktub Cocktail

The “talkbacks” on the latter on the website Ads of the World are negative, but I have to disagree. These are not just two cases of an individual with a bottle, they are people with intent of getting the bottles from point A to point B. (True, in the Molotov Cocktail, that distance is just a few meters…)
The agency apparently took time to think creatively of the most far-fetched, yet commonly known cases of bottle delivery.

If I could just “nitpick” about one thing: the copy in the ad doesn’t fit the concept. They are not advertising “Drinks for every occasion”, they are advertising “Transport of the Drink Bottles”. I wouldn’t use the term bottles in the copy, but maybe something like “offering a wide variety of transport options” and then in the specific ones: Also by water (for the castaway), or Also by air (for the terrorist).



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