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Learning about Social Advertising from Twitter

May 15, 2008

Twitter has provided me with an amazing (free) education, that has only cost me time (lots of it at that…)

I have found really useful articles on SMR (Social Media Releases), as well as helps me keep in step with the creativity of the others. (For the former, see Brian Solis’ Definitive Guide to Social Media.)

Regarding the latter, I would have never come across an amazing video made by

While it is an excellent example of a viral video, it is a genius example as well of using a publicity stunt as a launching-off point for a viral campaign. They were able to show the audience that it wants to be entertained and enjoys comedic musical theater. In 6 hours, the video has garnered over 2000 hits (from 3000 to 5000).

The only problem that I have with the campaign, is that only 1 blog wrote about it — one from Brazil, and that is the single largest link to the video — at time of writing – only 158.

While ingenious — it has the opportunity to be huge, but it is not being marketed well enough. Yet.

I had another advertisement that caused me to smirk. While it is a print ad, I feel that it hits home to its target audience. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland is attempting to show people that the Church is of the people. At first glance, it utilizes humor to convey the morals and openness of its membership, and I think that it is done in a very honest way. But when I looked at it again and I read the copy again, I realized that in a weird twist, the t-shirt (in the eyes of the church) is not funny, the ad educates about the way that they actually think.

Honesty and education in advertising, who would have thought?

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland - What would Jesus do?